Successful Ad Strategies

Here are some ways Smart Choice Media can help you:

Create a Good Offer.

We ask lots of questions about your business and your customers. Ideally, we’ll help you come up with an offer so compelling that prospects who see or hear your ad will go immediately to their media of choice (by telephone, internet, email or messaging) to contact you.


Conveniently REPEL Media Salespeople.

Once media salespeople see your ads, they’ll ALL be calling you. And calling you. And calling you. Media Salespeople are paid well to find you and take your precious time – telling you about the “only place you need to advertise.”  If you have an agent, you just say, “Call my ad agency” once and you’re done with it. Sound nice? This can be no small thing.


Help You Track Results.

We help you (and your salespeople) ask your customers the right questions; so each new campaign you run can be more effective than the last. And that’s when your cash register tells you what’s working. Advertising without tracking results is a waste of money.


Responsibly Account For Your Money.

You’ll get a regular statement that details “money in/money out” that’s backed up with actual invoices from the media involved.


Write and Produce a Selling Commercial.

Your first ad should feature a good offer – loud and clear, which tells the prospects how to contact you.

Beware! Many advertising sales people are just that – salespeople. They aren’t paid to write copy, they’re paid to run your ad. These folks try their best, but few are great copywriters.  It doesn’t matter what media you’re in, advertising the wrong message will waste YOUR precious marketing investment.

Want effective creative work? Hire the people who do creative work professionally – like the pros at Smart Choice Media.


Get You The Best Rates In Town.

Smart Choice Media places hundreds of thousands of dollars in advertising each year. Agencies  get better rates – and get first crack on deals – than individual advertisers, even if your sales rep tells you they don’t. Many times, salespeople will offer you the ‘agency discount’ to make you believe you’re getting the best deal. Oftentimes, your gross rate is increased in order to compensate for this ‘discount.’

Keep those media salespeople honest! Smart Choice Media will get your market’s most efficient rates.


Make Smarter Media Buying Choices.

Great messages work best with efficient media buys. A $1 or $5 spot might sound cheap, but can be very expensive if no one’s there to see or hear it.  At Smart Choice Media, we work hard to place media schedules that are both efficient and effective. We not only consider the Nielsen ratings but other, more subtle, factors – learned through long experience – that make some time slots work better than others.


“You become what you think about.”

Earl Nightingale