About Me

Branding, Messaging, Advertising Campaigns, Collateral Marketing Materials, etc, etc. …. It’s intimidating. Where do you start?

Don’t know which targeting direction to take your business? Is your business floundering – or looking to jump to the next level of success?

I can help. I help Your Business Find it’s ‘Why’ and Deliver That Message to Your Target Audience.

WHAT I DO: I listen. A lot. I hear the story of your business and listen for your pain. Then – together – we’ll target that pain with a bold and creative ad campaign, customized to YOUR business.
Mostly, I’ll help you find your ‘Why.’
But it starts by listening. To YOU.

WHERE I DO IT: Your town. I’m available in all local US markets.

WHAT I KNOW: My experience covers diverse consumer categories – including retail, political, legal services, insurance, entertainment and more.

WHAT YOU GET: You get your ‘Why’ – wrapped in a customized, creative ad campaign – including script writing and in-house production. Local media buying. Broadcast tv, cable, radio and social media.
Plus some great extras. Work with me and you’ll find out what they are.

I approach your business needs with both sides of my head. I’ve written and produced over 1,000 videos and commercials for local businesses in nearly a dozen U.S. markets. Plus, I’ve got 30 years experience in buying & negotiating rates and schedules for local radio & TV stations nationwide.

Email me today at john@ to set up a free 30 minute consultation.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope to meet you soon.

To your success,